To dress for God, I learnt that in Kwame NKrumah’s country.
Sunday is a very special day. We don’t joke with it especially when it comes to praise the Lord on Sunday morning. We carefully prepare for it as if we are getting married with God. Yes, I said to get married because we must be handsome, radiant, always well dressed like a gala event, a wedding day.

Just imagine, a tradeswoman of Makola market, a manifold man(mostly called ‘pusher’  in Ghana) from the streets of Accra bitted by a 35 degrees sun (sometimes more) all week long, who on Sunday, are all resplendents as if they are office worker. Seriously, isn’t it wonderful!? God doesn’t know the social status! As for middle class or rich people, don’t even talk about that!
Women, yes, especially women, the eve, we don’t forget to go to our favourite hairdressing salon, to sleep with rollers, to do all necessary beauty care to be on fleek the following day. Don’t neglect yourself, Sunday is a special day!
We don’t hesitate to bring out  his/her best coat, shirt, pair of shoes, bag or clutch, dresses even gown if necessary. Don’t even try to tell me that my husband’s coat is too large, my dress is too tight, my make up is too ‘bling-bling’, it’s not appropriate, this, that …I will reply: this is for God!
Another person will say: ABODAM (foolish in twi), mind your business!
A third person, like a referee to lower the temperature will say: Sister, you are fine, you look so beautiful, don’t mind them.
Honestly, Ghanaian people, I really appreciate your taste of style, your enthousiam on sundays because ALL THIS IT’S FOR GOD. Thanks you for this ‘fashion habit’ that I have adopted and I will keep for life. Thank you so much for this nice Sunday lesson.
What about me, the Gabonese and french girl of Poland, how do I dress for Jesus?





Dress: Boohoo

Shoes: Zara

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  1. Monday August 22nd, 2016 / 09:34 AM

    Thank you a lot for sharing this. Awsome!

  2. Thursday August 25th, 2016 / 12:21 PM

    Thank you a lot for sharing this. Awsome!

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