Blacky and Nappy

I was born and raised in Gabon with only 3 years far away from my continent. I grew up proud of me and to be who I am despite all. Teenager, I was getting confused to a senegalese/malian girl because of my ebony complexion and maybe my physical appearance. I was proud of how God created me and I’m still. Everybody liked my complexion, I was even used as an example on the matter. In the rare taunts, I didn’t care, I was beautiful, I’m beautiful! For me, beauty is how you see yourself and not what people think or say. View Post

I can!

I think it’s time to come out. During years, I have been inspired, touched, I sometimes cry watching a tv show, listening to a touching story. Years after and even today, some of them still haunt my mind and have succeded to shape my caracter, my mindset, my choices and decisions. Positivity, hard work, bold are part of my motto. View Post