Our daily life is often made of ups-and-downs. Sometimes we can control them if only we know how to, to avoid the bad mood, stress, loneliness, laziness and more…
I always try to please myself, to feed my body as well as my spirit each day with foodstuffs, energy, habits that make me feel extremely good. For that matter, I have put in place a routine that I can’t separate myself for anything in this world. View Post


To dress for God, I learnt that in Kwame NKrumah’s country.
Sunday is a very special day. We don’t joke with it especially when it comes to praise the Lord on Sunday morning. We carefully prepare for it as if we are getting married with God. Yes, I said to get married because we must be handsome, radiant, always well dressed like a gala event, a wedding day. View Post

The proud nigger vs the bad boy whatara*

I was peacefully walking, hands in pockets, in my thoughts enjoying the nice weather and the little shining sun that Sunday afternoon.

Suddenly, I heard a whistling, not a whistling when a guy sees a nice and sexy lady but a whistling of a bad boy who wants to act badly. Then, I lifted my head, I saw a guy who proudly waved a FINGER OF HONOR while walking his way. View Post