My girlfriend jeans story

7 Apr , 2016 FASHION

My girlfriend jeans story

I’m decente, classy and sexy type of girl when we  talk of fashion. I have the French Touch all the time, simply because I’m francophone! Recently, I came across a friend and companion of good and bad days: the girlfriend jeans.

I finally got the favourite one, only at first sight! The first contact was fatal! It happened at H&M. Just what I needed at the right time!

What’s the girlfriend jeans? It’s a  feminine version of boyfriend jeans. It’s comfortable, casual and flattering, preppy style. Sorry, it’s all I can say. The gilfriend jeans is just like any jeans, always “on the fly” mood not to underestimate because its changes like a cameleon Smileys It can make you tomboy or mom (with training shoes, moccasins, men shoes type) but also classy, sexy and stylish (with heels, training shoes etc… all you want, it depends on how you wear it, on the occasions and places). I’m happy about my new friend, it will take me everywhere and I won’t drop it right now because it’s over with winter, let’s go crazy! I will be ready all the time, planned or not to keep my fashionista mood, to conquer places and even the dance floor with Ania, another companion. My sunshine (Ania), get ready for a ladies night just for the two of us as usual.

I opted for this bold look with my faux fur jacket and a pair of green flashy heels that makes me feel like a stylish girl. I surely don’t copy no one, I listen to my mind and my body which tell me what and how to dress.

The girlfriend jeans, a must-have, girls!









Top:Bik Bok


Shoes:With Love


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