Our daily life is often made of ups-and-downs. Sometimes we can control them if only we know how to, to avoid the bad mood, stress, loneliness, laziness and more…
I always try to please myself, to feed my body as well as my spirit each day with foodstuffs, energy, habits that make me feel extremely good. For that matter, I have put in place a routine that I can’t separate myself for anything in this world.

1) Morning Workout: How wonderful is to start the day with exercises to have energy!  Abs, legs, and triceps workout with simple and practical accessories like dumbbells and the triceps rope.

2) Breakfast, diet: Workout done, an healthy breakfast is worth it. It always made up of smoothies, natural yogurt, whole plain oats, homemade juices, tea, soy/almond milk, whole bread, vegetables. Thanks to a good friend, one year ago, I adopted an healthy and balanced diet which has a lot of benefits. I will come back to it at the right time.

3) Job: Full time mom and blogger, I surely have busy days. The least idea wants to be an inspiration said with style and manner. I really care about it! Reading, inspirations, and researches here and there are simple things where I take my strength from. An idea + a pen+ an agenda+ internet = PERFECT WORKING TOOLS.

4) Spa Day: Everybody needs to preen up from time to time. When I want or I feel the need to, I give myself time for ‘spa’ at home, in general, 3 times per week. I’m not a make up addict even less a star, I’m not afraid of paparazzi. I have many DIY beauty care which have no end.
5) Relaxation, Sports: My days usually end with something relaxing. Music for instance, suits me perfectly! A footing/physical activity or 1hour walk in the evening, it’s ideal to boost me quickly. I like walking in the evening enjoying the fresh air and the peacefulness of streets. It’s a moment of happiness as minimal it may be. Walking is a great way to fight negative emotions, it increases almost instantaneously the sensation of wellness. Depending on the speed and the duration, it can help us to burn 150 calories directly. How about including it in your daily routine? Or what makes you feel good? To your keyboards!



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