I couldn’t remain insensitive to this video…

At the Cincinnati Zoo in USA, this naive and curious boy of 4 year old wanted to ‘swim with the gorillas’ according to him. Taking advantage of his mother’s lack of attention, he climbed the wall of protection and fell into gorillas enclosure.

If you don’t have children, become a parent and you can understand my feelings, my opinion as a mother. A child is a lifelong job without pay, rest and holidays. Be ready at every moment, minute, hour and period of your child’s life. Is it slavery ?! No! It is a commitment for life. If he were my son I would never thought that this gorilla as some people said ‘didn’t deserve to die’ and ‘didn’t want to hurt him’, ‘it unfair’ etc… If this boy were my son, I would just had one desire to have him alive, without injury or scratch. Stop with ”poor gorilla” which I think is a fake regret, hypocrisy because the life of this kid was in danger. Shooting the gorilla with a tranquilizer would have been the best solution but what if its fell on the kid??? And how to take the kid from the hands of this gorilla?? If he were my son and the worst had happened, I would hate myself almost the whole life, not being concentrate enough, of being a bad mother. Yes, I would have been so hard with me to the point of erasing all our good moments. I would have forgotten that my sleep is not the same since his birth, I’m more sensitive than before, I’m constantly worried, he became my reason to live, I will always be there for him etc. …

Then, where was the mother of this boy? Is she an irresponsible mother? etc … in short, many questions arise. It can happen to all parents. No, this mom isn’t irresponsible. She just missed attention and neglected the curiosity of his son. Don’t condemn her, please! There are very curious, hyperactive, sensitive (disabled) children and are difficult to manage. My son taught me to develop reflexes, compassion, and  intuition because he’s very active, capricious and disturbing. Yes, I can’t control everything but I can prevent, imagine a potential danger to avoid the worst. It’s difficult but possible, simple gestures can make a big difference.

Let’s forget our phones a little bit, gossiping with girlfriends, favourites series, tv shows, all that can captivate our attention at the expense of our children. In public places, let’s hold hands of our children and be more cautious, more foresighted. I’m not ashamed to take off my heels to chase Antoni. I don’t mind to raise my voice to show my authority because I’m in public (sorry my polish friends and non african people) to abandon our ‘African way’ to educate children just to please people. I’m African. Punishment, spanking from time to time don’t kill to bring my child to the right path. I must be a bodyguard 7 days and 24 hours because if an accident happens I will be the most vulnerable and guilty for life. I’m ready to get dirty, tear my beautiful dress, to risk my life to save this gift from God because a child is unique and irreplaceable. Fortunately the story ended not too bad, this boy is still alive with severe injuries and ugly memories. Please, let’s have more attention for our precious kids.

Peace and love, xo

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