I can!

I can!

I think it’s time to come out. During years, I have been inspired, touched, I sometimes cry watching a tv show, listening to a touching story. Years after and even today, some of them still haunt my mind and have succeded to shape my caracter, my mindset, my choices and decisions. Positivity, hard work, bold are part of my motto.

Nothing to do with the name, but rather the content, the scope of topics of The Stantpoint of Gifty Anty, The Oprah Winfrey show to cite  a few, hold my attention. There are also friends and acquaintances I draw examples from, few chanels or youtube videos that boost me and encourage me to stay focused, to dare without any risk. Don’t we say that: he who risks nothing has nothing?!

I just wanted to say how I’m amazed, inspired by the mindset, the courage, the craze of some people to handle life… I won’t mention worldwide famous names or success stories but rather focusing on people like you and I who have simply decided to be happy, to live their lives, to have good time, to listen to their heart and to be in peace with their mind. This philosophy of life, one day miraculously turned luck in their favour without knowing, without any fixed plans, by inspiring friends, strangers and of course to serve as a mentor, a trend. Life always seems to be easier for them while it’s like mine, yours, ours full of heaters, obstacles, challenges etc.…I know there are people who arelucky’ (the rich or those who have contacts), but there are also hard working people who have made a difference through hard work, determination and perseverance. And these people simply have ‘a thing’ that fascinate, inspire; that’s it and nothing can be done!



-Answer: Yes, yes, I’m one of these people! I decided to happy more than ever, to be in peace with myself, to do what I like, to say what I feel. Yes, yes, I’m also one of these people! Life is fun, I enjoy it!

The moment I wrote this article I realize that I can share an idea, emotion, inspire and boost; the list is long… a kind of YES, I CAN like the first black President of the United Nations. I keep hope with a smile on my face.

Every little bit helps…



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