It’s surprising that over the years I become more and more close to nature, to escape and forget the hassle of everyday life. Backpacks, station of Tarnowskie Góry, direction Wisła in the region of Beskids in Silesia. Grand total 2h30 by train. Not so obvious with a 3 year old child who whines every 5 minutes because we went there to hike every day in the mountains and not stroll in pyjamas all day long.

Mr. Glow and I were able to climb  Trzy Kopce, Ochodzita, and Czantoria Wielka mountains (located on the border of the Czech Republic). We  visited a ski resort by taking a chairlift. Nice visit, though! We did not just want to forget the hassle of everyday life but also challenge, encourage ourselves, endure, cheer up, discover dream landscapes, feel the fresh and pure air. Antoni had the opportunity to enter into contact with nature, to see the animals ( sheeps, cows, horses, deers, and the hare) that he knew only in books. He could say ” WOW ” when he needed to. But at what cost?! Endless hours of walking in the forest (3 hours sometimes with incessant pauses), lead sun, fatigue, moments of doubt, regrets … all sort of things to give up. It was a real journey of the fighter for me who climbed the mountains for the first time while wanting to spend beautiful moments and stay active. But Antoś did not have the same feelings as we did because he is just too young. Luckily, daddy was there to carry him at every whim and at nap time. Well done, Mr. Glow!

For sure, ‘’no pain no gain’’ as my Anglophone friends say. Once at the top of the mountain, you are proud of yourself, to be the owner of beautiful shots that you rush to share on various social networks. Yes, that’s what social networks are meant for. 

In conclusion, what do I keep in mind?
Firstly: Prepare yourself mentally and physically because it’s not a game but a sport or a passion for others that requires endurance and sacrifice.
Secondly: organization, equipment and accessories are essential. I quote a map or GPS, a pair of suitable shoes, backpack, water and other things that you find useful.
Thirdly: Climbing mountains is an exhilarating, rewarding experience. Once you reach the top, you feel like on the top of the world ready to conquer new horizons. The beauty of nature and the creations of God are better appreciated.

Peace and Love.


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