Current favs…

Current favs…

Hi, my glow people!

Today, I’m just coming to share with you my current beauty favourite, my things that give me the in and out glow.

I must firt of all thank Mr. Glow for the fragrance Hugo Boss (Ma vie) offered recently. The smell and the bottle are a bomb!

I’m maybe the annoying client… I almost missed my bus because I was  constantly trying and  kept on looking myself into the mirror and hesitate to buy or come another day. Fortunately, I’m a small Speedy Gonzales Smiley I could catch up my bus on time.

So, I fell in love with this lipstick, aubergine colour from New Look. The colour is super like the aubergine.

-Linda, do your culinary tasts follow you in the make up industry?!

– Yes, maybe, I don’t know…

If you didn’t know, I like aubergine; mmmmm…. I like it so much!



OK OK, after I heard so many times talking about it, me too, I finally got that magique sponge to apply the foundation, the Beauty Blender. I know, I’m late (I know it very well!) I try to be a make up addict, my sweeties.


The next info is a key, a secret of make up. it’s the concealer. My beautysista, there isn’t only the foundatieon, eye liner, lipstick or what ever they have created for make up, but a concealer makes the difference. There are different types and colours. Mine come from L.A Girl (toast & almond)


I discoved not long ago the use of  concealer because I’m for a simple and mesured make up on daily basis. When you are beautiful, there is no need for too much!

Let’s go on…

  • If you don’t have an eyelid primer, apply a dot of your concealer.
  • You want a glow and flatering lifted look effect?? surely yes! Draw a triangle along your under eyes with your concealer and blur it with a brush or a sponge.
  • A blemish, scars, dark spot/areas on your face, it happens, isn’t it?! To hide or attenuate them, apply on that zone a bit of your concealer, then blur it.
  • For a flattering effect, try to shape your eyebrows below (a tone close to shade) and under (lighter than your shade) after you drawn them properly with a bit of your concealer.
  • For a successful contouring, use 2 concealers; one darker and another slightly lighter than your shade.

Sorry, it wasn’t a make up class but just what I know. Ladies, please, run and get more infos and grab one if you ignore all about it.  For now, let me show off.










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  1. engone nadia
    Saturday May 14th, 2016 / 02:28 PM

    Waaoouu! Je suis contente de te lire chaque jour

    • murunu
      Sunday May 15th, 2016 / 10:40 PM

      Merci ma belle Nadia, bisous

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