Oooh I wish I was born bohemian!!! Of course, I’m and I will be BLACKY AND NAPPY forever because it’s my roots, my identity, my DNA. I can only change my style from time to time.







What I really appreciate about the bohemian style is the dress code, very simple, casual and original. Simplicity is my thing in fashion. In fact, I just wish I could dress unconventional, retro like bohemians all year round and adapt to all occasions and places. Too bad, there are dress codes in the modern society in which we live! Only people eyes will tell you no no no, you are not welcome, go back to your village!!!

ok ok, I heard…

Summer is at the corner meaning that we can now wear very relaxed, comfortable, not too tight clothes with patterns, flowers, flashy colours and accessories with our personal touch yet stylish. I’m so excited for summer maybe because I’m an African used to a topical weather. When it’s very hot, I get calls from my polish friends who ask me: Linda, are you happy now? do you feel like in Africa?  Of course, I’m happy and I feel like in Africa when it’s very hot.

So, like a lot of women who ‘have nothing to wear’, I went through my closet to satisfy my desire to become bohemian. I found different pieces from hair (even the kankekalon hair were in a cupboard for long time) to toes and accessories. I sometimes regret of buying them because of love at first sight, I worn them once or twice and because I also spent my penny! I know it doesn’t only happen to me!  Then, one day you try it in front of that witness which can’t talk (the mirror) and you say to yourself: it wasn’t a bad idea, after all. Now you realize how neglected things can help.

For sure I must stop saying ‘I have nothing to wear’ rather dig into my closet from time to time, try on, and neaten my clothes. Something awesome will definitely come out, et voilà!

Top (green) Charlotte Russe

Top (cream) Peppercorn


Choker Necklace: New Look

Bracelets: Next jewellery & unknown

Skirt: Oasis

Boots: F&F


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  1. engone nadia
    Tuesday May 31st, 2016 / 05:42 PM

    Je suis bouche bée devant tant de beauté mais ton appareil est un faiseur de miracle bisou bisou du Gabon

    • Linda Mag Glow
      Saturday September 17th, 2016 / 09:59 AM

      Merci ma belle Nadia de coeur. You are an angel, Bisou!

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